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One additional keynote for the Develop conference will be announced soon.


Avoiding the pitfalls of the next generation
Mark Rein, Vice President, Epic Games
Conference Keynote, 60 minutes
Wednesday, 12 July · 10:00-11:00

As we make the transition through to XBox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and cutting-edge PC, we're promised bigger and better of everything. But if you're not careful, 'bigger and better' will apply to everything except your struggling bank balance. Ever controversial, Mark Rein shoots from the hip as he tackles head-on the myths of the next gen that could cost your company dearly. And he wants to take you on too – so come prepared to do battle with one of the industry's most outspoken voices. (Will you get to see Gears of War? You'll just have to come along and see.

Mark Rein is Vice President and Co-Founder of Epic Games, Inc. a reknowned award-winning game developer and game engine technology provider. Their Unreal series of games is reported to have sold over 7 million copies world-wide. Their upcoming Xbox360 game, Gears of War, won the 2006 E3 Critics' Awards for Best Console Game and Best Action Game. Epic's Unreal Engine 3 has won Game Developer Magazine's Frontline Award for Best Game Engine for the past two years running. Some of the companies who have licensed Unreal Engine 3 include Atari, BioWare, Disney's Buena Vista Games, Gearbox Software, Microsoft Game Studios, Midway, Namco, NCsoft, Silicon Knights, Sony Computer Entertainment, Take2, THQ, Ubisoft, Vivendi Universal Games and Webzen. For the past 14 years Mark has worked on Epic's licensing & publishing deals, business development, public relations, academic relations, marketing and business operations. Mark has been involved with personal computers since his teenage years when he helped his father build an Altair 8800 back in 1975 and tought himself how to program - he's been a self-described computer geek ever since. In July 2005 CNN Money's Chris Morris listed Mark as one of "the five most powerful people in the game industry today" and included Mark as #3 in their top five list of "Game Industry Persons of the Year" for 2005.


Mobile - The Multi Media Computer
Kamar Shah, Global Head of Games Multimedia, Nokia
Mobile Conference Keynote, 60 minutes
Tuesday, 11 July · 10:00-11:00

This keynote will show the evolution of the multi media computer and how its becoming a mobile phone, it will also take a look at how consumers are using content on mobile and within the digital space with a relation to mobile gaming. Take a look how you can utilize the whole connected mobile space through the community of social networking with a little glimpse of the future.

Evolution of the multi media computer to the mobile phone
-Digital consumers tends including web 2.0
-Transformative trends in the digital space
-The evolution of gaming to mobile and social networking through gaming community
-A glimpse of the future of mobile gaming

Kamar Shah is the Global Head of Industry Marketing, Games, Multimedia, Nokia, working specifically on Nokia’s next generation mobile gaming platform. With over 12 years in the games industry, Shah has worked on some of the largest games titles in the world, including Tomb Raider.

Having been Head of Games for Orange, Shah was instrumental in launching Orange’s mobile gaming solutions in WAP, SMS and Java. He also successfully positioned Orange in the entertainment industry with mobile solutions for the music industry.

Shah has worked as a consultant for brand names such as Sony Music, Coca Cola and HMV, on mobile marketing opportunities and his portfolio includes mobile solutions for David Bowie, Beyonce and Subliminal records.


Develop Debrief: Where we are and where we’re going
Owain Bennallack, Develop magazine, Phil Harrison, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Mark Rein, Epic Games, Kamar Shah, Nokia
Keynote Panel, 60 minutes
Thursday, 13 July · 16:30-17:30

Brain flagging from taking in everything you’ve heard since you arrived in Brighton? Then let someone else make sense of it all for you. Leading speakers from across the games industry discuss all of the major issues raised at the conference, from the artistic possibilities of next generation game design to the perils of last generation production techniques. The perfect way to prepare for post-conference pub talk!


The Future of Audio in Interactive Entertainment: A Personal Vision
Marty O'Donnell · Track: Audio · Theme: Winning with Creativity
Keynote, 60 minutes

Thursday, 13 July · 16:00-17:00

This talk will cover my answers to the following questions: What do I mean by “Interactive Entertainment”? How will changes to non-interactive entertainment affect our industry? How is non-linear audio different from linear and how is it the same? How do I implement my aesthetic vision? How will the proliferation of home theater systems and ear buds change my approach to audio? What about cell phones and iPods? What does “the remix generation” mean to me? What will change and what won’t? How should we all create and implement content? What’s the role of middleware for audio creators? How will IP exploiters and IP creators work together? And, perhaps most importantly, will better audio sell more games?

Expect audio examples and some slight humor. Expect to leave my talk a better person.

Marty O'Donnell received his Masters of Music Degree in composition, with honors, from USC in the early 80's and since then he has written and produced numerous original scores for TV, Radio and Film. In 1997 his company, TotalAudio, produced sound design for Cyan’s "Riven, the Sequel to Myst", and all the audio for Bungie’s award winning "Myth: The Fallen Lords". TotalAudio went on to produce the audio for Valkyrie Studio’s "Septerra Core, Legacy of the Creator" and Bungie’s “Myth II: Soulblighter”. In May of 2000, ten days after Marty accepted a full time position with Bungie Software focusing entirely on the audio production for “Oni” and “Halo”, Microsoft purchased Bungie and moved them to Redmond to develop games for the Xbox. The audio for “Halo” received numerous industry awards including The Game Developers Choice Award, The Edge Award, and Best Soundtrack of 2002 from Rolling Stone Magazine. In 2004 he composed the music and produced the audio for the highly anticipated "Halo 2". In addition to the many game industry awards, including Best Sound from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and the International Game Developers Association, Halo 2 has been chosen for a Wired Rave award, and named to the Time 100 List. Also, the soundtrack for Halo 2 has sold more copies than any game soundtrack to date. Although still co-owner of TotalAudio with Mike Salvatori, who stayed with the Chicago studio, Marty is currently Audio Director for Bungie Studios at Microsoft. He has been married for 28 years to Marcie and they have two daughters, Alison, and Christine.

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