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Speakers at the Develop Mobile Day are working in the development community from the largest companies to the smallest studio from across Europe.

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Claude Benoit, ATI Handheld
Optimizing Handheld Games for ATI’s IMAGEON 3D
Lecture, 45 minutes

Claude is a biomedical engineer by trade, and has done research in 3D medical imaging and low-power medical instrumentation. For the past 20 years, he has been doing 3D computer graphics software development including a 5 year term at SOFTIMAGE where he was involved in everything rendering. He is currently a Technical Evangelist at ATI’s Handheld Division where he promotes the IMAGEON™ product line.


Tim Closs, Ideaworks3D
Why Mobile Is The New Handheld

Lecture, 45 minutes

Tim Closs had several 8-bit and 16-bit games published whilst still at school. He gained a Mathematics degree and Theoretical Physics post-grad at Cambridge University (1993) before returning to games. Following several titles on SNES and MegaDrive, Tim worked for 5 years at Sony, on hits including “MediEvil” (1998). After several years of freelance PC/Xbox work, Tim was seduced by mobile, in particular the burgeoning success of London-based outfit Ideaworks3D (2004). Tim believes that combining the best ideas from the current console generation with the sneakiest old-school 8-bit tricks provides an excellent grounding for pushing the current 3D mobile state-of-the-art.


Paul Goode, M:Metrics
Consumer Appetites for Mobile Gaming, Lecture, 45 minutes
Opening the Non-Portal gateway, Panel 45 minutes

Paul Goode has been at the forefront of enabling the mobile content and applications market since the mid-nineties, as an innovator within multinational mobile companies. Goode’s career has spanned from the early days of m-commerce to the mobile entertainment industry, building developer communities for Metrowerks and Motorola and a founder of the Mobile Game Interoperability Forum (now part of OMA).

As vice president of product development + senior analyst, Goode oversees M:Metrics’ European offerings and product development team. He also assists M:Metrics clients with interpretation of M:Metrics data and provides insightful commentary to the media.

Most recently, Goode served as director, managed developer programs for Metrowerks. Under his leadership, Metrowerks assisted the major mobile operators and handset manufacturers to create and run their developer and partner communities. Goode came to Metrowerks from Motorola, where he oversaw the entertainment server group, which delivered Motorola’s hosted java and entertainment platforms. While in this capacity, Goode was a founder of the Mobile Game Interoperability Forum, which he later merged into the OMA. Prior to his work with in the mobile development community, Goode co-founded Motorola’s m-commerce venture,, which enhanced broadcast radio with real-time music sales and interactive advertising using voiceXML. At De La Rue (Oberthur), Goode worked with Motorola and the world’s leading financial institutions to create a two-slot mobile phone to reload electronic cash, which seemed a good idea at the time.

Tim Green, Mobile Entertainment
Mobile Games: An operator's viewpoint
Lecture, 45 minutes

Tim Green is executive editor of Mobile Entertainment, the world's only dedicated trade magazine for the mobile content community. Prior to launching ME, Tim was a journalist and analyst with a background in the entertainment software business. He was a frequent contributor to MCV and Develop - and wrote several reports for the market analyst Screen Digest.

Thor Gunnarsson, Ideaworks3D
Why Mobile Is The New Handheld

Lecture, 45 minutes


Thor Gunnarsson is VP Business Development at London-based Ideaworks3D, the BAFTA award-winning developer of advanced technology and content for rich, connected mobile gaming. At Ideaworks3D, Gunnarsson is responsible for company strategy and partnerships with many of the leading players in the wireless and video game publishing markets, such as Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Nokia and QUALCOMM.

An industry veteran of the mobile Internet and entertainment software sectors since 1994, Gunnarsson was previously VP Corporate Development at OZ Communications, the leading provider of mobile instant messaging solutions.
His professional involvement in the software industry spans sales, marketing and product management in the areas of mobile entertainment, wireless software, real-time 3D and multiplayer networked gaming.

tim harrison
Tim Harrison, Vodafone Group Services
Mobile Games: An operator's viewpoint
Lecture, 45 minutes

Tim Harrison has been with Vodafone since 2000, and is Head of Games at Vodafone Group Services Ltd. This team leads the development of Vodafone's Global mobile gaming strategy, partner relations and commercial operations.

Tim was a key architect behind the company’s groundbreaking Vodafone live! Games Arcade which launched in October 2002 and is now active in 27 countries across the world. He has been responsible for a number of watershed deals, including Lara Croft’s debut on mobile, and the entry of numerous publishers like Namco, Konami, Eidos, Codemasters, Square Enix and EA into mobile in Europe. Most recently, Tim has been responsible for driving the launch of the games services on Vodafone live! with 3G.

Tim holds a combined honours degree in English & Drama from the University of Exeter. He lives in Brighton with his family.


Chris James, Pocket Gamer
View from the reviewer: 10 things that make a great mobile game
Lecture, 45 minutes

Formerly an editor at Future Publishing (editing PC Format magazine among others) and then Creative Director of contract publishing outfit JPP (creating magazines and guides for the likes of Sony Pictures and Virgin Megastores), Chris' latest venture, Steel Media, is dedicated to bringing editorial excellence to games and technology markets, both with its own publications as well as contract work for third parties. The company's first project, Pocket Gamer, is the UK's only professionally written site dedicated to mobile and handheld games.


Jami Laes, Digital Chocolate/Sumea
Developing mobile games: Big thrills, small screens and mass audiences

Lecture, 45 minutes

Sumea's Studio Director Jami Laes has worked in the mobile games industry since 2004. He has produced titles like Extreme Air Snowboarding 3D, Ferrari Experience 3D, Breakout Bears, Beach Mini Golf, Castle Mini Golf and Scarlotti's Mafia Wars 2. Before getting into the mobile games industry he has worked several years as a TV-producer, TV-concept designer and a technical editor in a computer magazine. He has also participated in several multimedia and short film productions in varying roles. Jami Laes has studied Content Production, Information Business, Communication and Film &Television studies at the Helsinki University of Technology and University of Helsinki.



Gunnar Larsén, Director, Mobile Games Europe for RealNetworks
Opening the Off-Portal gateway
Lecture, 45 minutes

Gunnar is the European Director of Mobile Games for RealNetworks with responsibility for driving the RealArcade mobile games business throughout Europe. Previous to joining RealNetworks, Gunnar was the Head of Marketing at Mobile Innovation, a user experience consultancy now part of Adobe. Prior to that he spent 5 years as Head of Product Management at Purple Software, a pioneer in the mobile casual games industry which produced the first ever BAFTA winner for mobile games in 2002. Gunnar has spoken at key industry events such as E3, GDC Mobile, MEM, Casuality, Mobile Games Analyst Summit, Mobile Games Forum, Games and Mobile, and Symbian’s The Smartphone Show. Gunnar is a native of Sweden with a degree in Political Science from Lund University. His current favourite mobile game is Turbo Camels: Circus Extreme!


Paul Munford, Player X/Monty's Wireless Gaming Review
Opening the Non-Portal gateway

Lecture, 45 minutes

Paul Munford has worked in the mobile and online entertainment sector since 1998 and is a well-respected writer and commentator on the industry. He is Business Development Director at mobile content publisher Player X and for the past four years he has published an independent newsletter Monty's Gaming and Wireless Outlook that goes out to almost 4,000 decision-makers in the mobile entertainment industry.

He began his career as a journalist and sub-editor for VNU Business Publications before working as a new media editor on the Express newspaper before being appointed Internet PR Director for the first series of Big Brother.

Paul then went on to be Communications Director at games testing company Babel Media where he was instrumental in setting up the mobile games division and setting up a two-year exclusive with Vodafone Live!. Paul joined mobile content publisher Player X as Business Development Director in August, 2005.

Simon Prethrose, Eidos
Bringing a big screen superstar to the small screen: Tomb Raider on mobile
Lecture, 45 minutes

Simon Protheroe joined Eidos in 1993 and became Technical Director in 1994, back when the Sony PlayStation was another exciting new platform that showed a lot of promise. He served in that position until late 2003, when he took responsibility for the newly created New Media division as Director of New Media and Online Technologies. Following SCi’s acquisition of Eidos in 2005, Simon became New Media and IT Director and he currently manages the combined company's growing new media business, including its activity in mobile gaming. Prior to joining Eidos Simon was involved in academic research and development in artificial intelligence, covering a range of fields as diverse as nuclear power and military image analysis.


Kristian Segerstråle, Glu Mobile
Makes mobile different : an essential guide to mobile game development
Lecture, 45 minutes

As managing director of the company’s EMEA operations, Kristian Segerstråle oversees Glu’s product development, publishing and financial performance for the EMEA region.

Segerstråle was a co-founder of mobile games specialist Macrospace in 2001, which was acquired by US mobile gaming company Sorrent in late 2004, becoming Glu Mobile in 2005. Before being appointed MD of EMEA, Kristian held the position of vp production for EMEA, where he was a driving force in the creation of more than 40 unique mobile titles, including award-winning original IP including 'Fatal Force: Earth Assault' and the ‘Ancient Empires’ series. Segerstråle has also helped to forge relationships with key Glu brand partners including and Celador International, creator of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?', and Cartoon Network. Segerstråle has also overseen the development and management of Glu’s internal technology platforms.

Segerstråle's career has also included a post at Digital Mobility, a pioneering early player in the wireless Java provisioning field. Segerstråle holds an MSc from London School of Economics and an MA in Economics from Cambridge University.

Kamar Shah, Global Head of Industry Marketing, Nokia
Mobile - The Multi Media Computer
Keynote, 60 minutes

Kamar Shah is the Global Head of Industry Marketing, Games, Multimedia, Nokia, working specifically on Nokia’s next generation mobile gaming platform. With over 12 years in the games industry, Shah has worked on some of the largest games titles in the world, including Tomb Raider.
Having been Head of Games for Orange, Shah was instrumental in launching Orange’s mobile gaming solutions in WAP, SMS and Java. He also successfully positioned Orange in the entertainment industry with mobile solutions for the music industry.

Shah has worked as a consultant for brand names such as Sony Music, Coca Cola and HMV, on mobile marketing opportunities and his portfolio includes mobile solutions for David Bowie, Beyonce and Subliminal records.


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